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 2016 NRSL Dasani Cup Series *Miller Unlimited*

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PostSubject: 2016 NRSL Dasani Cup Series *Miller Unlimited*   Sun Jan 17, 2016 9:20 am

Cavy: These cars where rough to hang onto, hopefully the Dasani Cup Series CEO Travis Dillon can release a new air package before the 500. 5 more weekends till the big day.

Michael: Something broke right off the start, hopefully that won't be for the 500.

OOC: Pontiac Racing didn't have any drivers for this race, they will however for the 500. Also the duels won't determine where you start, they will determine who won't make the race. Only 40 cars will be racing in the 500, some people that missed signups will get one off cars for the 500, Monaco GP, and Indy.
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2016 NRSL Dasani Cup Series *Miller Unlimited*
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