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 Race 7 with a twist

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PostSubject: Race 7 with a twist   Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:44 pm

Just like the Outback Xfinity series the cup series will head to Iowa. One person who was very happy about this change had to be driver of the #42 Kyle Keith."Iowa Huh? We tested at that track and it was hard as shit. No Grip plus close Racing! Its a Demolition Derby out there!" He told me he couldnt wait to see what happen with the wrecks and everything going on he told me the team will be on high alert that night so the spotters has to be on point. "A win could really help the team out wether its me, Davis, or Dunham it should be a fun night".
JGR's James Qualls mentioned he is happy the NRSL is going to a short track and has never been a part of them in his NRSL career and couldnt be any happier
Its a win win situation for the cup drivers and now we are go time for Iowa
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Race 7 with a twist
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