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 Race 7 with a twist

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PostSubject: Race 7 with a twist   Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:02 pm

After some craziness at Hogzilla SpeedPark the outback series drivers including our 3 debut drivers couldnt be any happier to leave that track as at first we are supposed to go to Bullitt/ Hartlepool Speedway but due to demand we will be heading for the first time ever a short track yes you heard me right a short track
Drivers in the meeting room were wondring where will we go and it was answered by the NRSL president saying in the most simplest way ever: IOWA. Iowa will make its NRSL debut and will be the first short track in Outback since Season 2 race 14 where they went to Bristol.
Iowa has proved to very crazy in the testing session and now the question is this? Are the drivers ready the craziness for one more race before we go to back to back road course racing
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Race 7 with a twist
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