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 All Time Wins List

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All Time Wins List Empty
PostSubject: All Time Wins List   All Time Wins List EmptyFri Sep 18, 2015 2:22 am

Up to date as of Boston

William Duncan 5 wins
Elijah Werkman 4 wins
Kris Wascher 4 wins
Dillon Young 3 wins
Matt Dixon 3 wins
Jake Davis 3 wins
Gordon Fan 3 wins
Kyle Collins 2 wins
Chris Louviere 2 wins
Jose Navarro 2 wins
Kyle Sosnoski 2 wins
Seth Cole 2 wins
Preston Plourd 2 wins
PJ Williams 2 wins
Warren Cherry 2 wins
Joe Davis 2 wins
Momo Ikari 2 wins
Preston Vale 2 wins
Jeff James 2 wins
Zachary Fitzwater 2 wins
Charles Sandfer 2 wins (yes i have wins in my own series deal with it xD i normally dont do well)
Maria Culaya 1 win
Wayne James 1 win
Ish Taylor 1 win
Kyle Thomas 1 win
Maxwell Chan 1 win
Amanda Shelly 1 win
Kyle Mathews 1 win
TJ Williams 1 win
Alex May 1 win
Roman Rehall 1 win
Marcos Bruno 1 win
Jeffre Buckeye 1 win
Angel Navarro 1 win
Amy Shelly 1 win
Brad Johnson 1 win
Skye Commons 1 win
Hiroshi Kazuyoshi 1 win
Jake Cole 1 win
Zach Buchanan 1 win
Katy Elizabeth 1 win
Dustin Griffitts 1 win
Troy Kang 1 win
Kyle Austin 1 win
Tom Gerard 1 win
Brendan Patterson 1 win
Alex Percle 1 win
Max Neuwirth 1 win
John Wilson 1 win

in total 49 different winners
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All Time Wins List
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