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 Mr.YAMP's Crown Jewel of NR2003

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PostSubject: Mr.YAMP's Crown Jewel of NR2003   Wed Feb 10, 2016 2:53 pm

Hey Guys, It's Mr.YAMP here! I'm sorry about not being active on this forum, but a few things had came up and I decided that I was going to leave the offline NR community. What does this mean? It means I'm leaving all the leagues I'm in at the end of their respected seasons. I will make a full video telling you guys all the details of my leaving, but for now I thought I'd tell you guys about my last hoorah my final races I have planned. I plan on doing a 6 race event using 3 different mods at 6 different tracks. What three mods you ask? Well first the one I'm most infamous for Trucks (CWS13). The other 2 are the ones I enjoyed painting the most. Rally (Rally) and F1 (International Single Seater mod)

Rally - GNS Stuntroad
Rally - Riverside
F1 - YAS Marina
F1 - Walkins Glen
Trucks - Texas
Trucks - Myrtle Beach

A video will go up on my channel to sign-up for this event. I hope you guys will enjoy. This is my Last Hoorah before I leave.
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Mr.YAMP's Crown Jewel of NR2003
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